Careers in Credit
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Your business credit career path is likely not defined. Business credit is a career that most fall into, and find themselves loving because it's challenging, requires constant professional development, and allows the chance to positively impact the financial health of the company.

If you don't have a defined career path in credit but are looking to move up, read the Careers in Credit collection and view the Career in Credit Road Map. It's a compilation of stories that highlight the responsibilities and career journeys of various credit professionals working in today's marketplace.

Careers in Credit 

Part 1 - Careers in Credit: Beginning the Journey
This article features Leslie Harrison, director of membership, staffing and HR for NACM Connect, who tells us the skills sought after by hiring professionals for the credit assistant position, and Michelle Drinka, credit administrator for Butler Machinery Company who tells of her current experience and career aspirations.

Part 2 - Careers in Credit: Next Steps
Chad Sivertson, credit analyst for NatureWorks, describes the skills he needs to be effective in his current position, while Leslie Harrison, director of membership, staffing and HR for NACM Connect fills readers in on the amount of experience and skills individuals need to fulfill credit analyst positions.

Part 3 - Careers in Credit: The Move to Management
Moving up to the management level is a transition in any profession but there are specific skills you need to possess to move up in the credit profession. Leslie Harrison, director of membership, staffing and HR for NACM Connect, and Brett Wegner, credit manager for Kemps, explains that to be a credit manager it takes more than knowing the trade. It's the ability to garner inter-personal relationships, and understand the entire customer experience, not just the part you're responsible for, among other things.

Part 4 - Careers in Credit: Strategy and Mentorship
Jerry Drake, director of credit and collections for Apogee Enterprises, recounts his career journey, the resources he relied on to boost his career, and describes the most meaningful part of his position.


Download the Career in Credit Road map