Industry Credit Groups
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Industry credit groups gather competitors together to help one another minimize credit risk. During an industry credit group meeting, your competitors become your peers. There is no substitute for meeting with peers.

Together, you will discuss industry-related issues and common customers. With this type of insight, you can exchange helpful ways to deal with high-risk customers and learn information you can’t find on a credit report.

With an industry credit group membership you’ll:

  • Learn more about your customers beyond what a credit report tells you
  • Receive instant alerts regarding critical customer changes
  • Approve credit orders faster
  • Network with peers professionally and socially

A Credit Today survey found that return on investment from credit group participation averages over 100 percent per week.  

Learn more about each of our industry credit groups.

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Industry Credit Groups



Building suppliers


Construction suppliers and heavy equipment

Fitness manufacturers

Floorcovering distributors

Food processors

Food service and supply

Framing and art

Hearing manufacturers


Medical technology

Plumbing, heating, and A/C manufacturers

Promotional products suppliers

Truck equipment service and parts

Wholesale lumber

Wholesale wine, spirits and liquor distributors