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Billtrust Introduces Data-Mining Service to Accelerate Electronic Invoicing and Payments

Monday, June 19, 2017  
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Billtrust, an NACM North Central allied member that provides payment cycle management solutions, has released the Billtrust Business Directory, a one-of-a-kind service for clients. The directory provides data that accelerates electronic invoicing and payments by removing paper from back-end invoice processing, saving clients both time and money. 


This unique directory allows clients to analyze a robust, private ecosystem of data identifying invoicing and payment habits of their customers, and develop customized programs to help those customers move to electronic invoicing and payments methods. Clients are able to reduce operating expenses as well as days sales outstanding with faster delivery and payment of invoices. 


By analyzing the behavior patterns of businesses in the database that are already inclined to receive and pay invoices electronically, the Billtrust eAdoption team helps clients better customize their marketing approach to dramatically grow their eInvoicing and ePayment rates. 


One early adopter, a national transportation company, implemented a seven-day targeted calling campaign using data from the Billtrust Business Directory. The campaign yielded a conversion rate of 83 percent, an increase from 65 percent yielded by a similar campaign executed in 2016 without the data from the directory.  


Learn more about the Billtrust Business Directory.