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Experian’s New Mobile App Improves Credit and Sales Collaboration

Thursday, July 13, 2017  
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Finding balance between the sales department’s need to close deals and the credit department’s need to manage risk is an ongoing challenge in many companies. Working together is essential to pursuing and achieving company goals. To help improve collaboration between sales and credit, Experian has introduced a new mobile solution.


The BusinessIQ Mobile app gives sales reps in the field the ability to pre-screen prospects based on the company’s credit policies. This gives them the ability to make quicker decisions without increasing risk. 


Sales reps simply look up prospects before making the initial contact and focus their sales efforts on prospects that will be credit approved. App searches sync with the BusinessIQ web-based applications, so the credit department can monitor sales activities. If a sales rep challenges a credit department decision, the credit manager can evaluate the decision and, if needed, override it, giving the sales rep access to the adjusted terms. 


The BusinessIQ Mobile app is designed to provide a tight consistent loop that serves the company, the sales force and the customer. Learn more.