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Proud to be an NACM Affiliate

Tuesday, August 29, 2017  
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NACM North Central and many other local and regional credit management affiliated associations across the country recently signed new affiliation agreements with the National Association of Credit Management. This action was yet another milestone in the concerted and collaborative effort beginning five years ago to strengthen and unify NACM. 


In 2012, a focus group revealed that many NACM members and potential members were confused by the lack of consistency between NACM and its Affiliates and among Affiliates. This began a process driven by the Affiliates to clarify what NACM is and to more closely align the Affiliates with the National Association, while still maintaining our independence and flexibility to meet the specific needs of the regions and industries we serve.


The multi-year process to build unity provided countless opportunities for input and has been a true collaboration between the Affiliates, NACM and our National Board of Directors. 


Among the results of this work were new standards deemed necessary to be an NACM Affiliate. These standards include several practices that are essential to operate a successful Affiliate, including maintaining a paid staff, offering multiple NACM core services and providing a consistent menu of services and benefits to members. These standards have been incorporated into our new Affiliation Agreement, ensuring our efforts to build consistency will remain in effect. 


As part of our efforts, we also rebranded, rolling out a new look for the National Association and its network of Affiliates. The new NACM logo, modern color palette and streamlined design better reflect the pivotal role we play in helping members drive results. We are proud to be using NACM North Central again as we strive to be the best Affiliate we can be. As we continue to transition to the new brand throughout 2017, Affiliates will all share a similar look and variations of the NACM name. 


With our new Affiliate Agreement in place and our transition to the new brand well underway, NACM North Central remains a proud NACM Affiliate. Together, we are positioned to continue providing members the tools and resources they need to drive results and be successful well into the future.