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Communicate to Collaborate

Thursday, September 28, 2017  
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Every day, in our professional and personal lives, we need other people to do things for us. Whether it’s needing a new customer to fully complete a credit application or needing our kids to brush their teeth before going to bed, persuading others to do what we want is a reality of life. Sometimes, however, getting others to respond positively to what we need is a struggle.

During her upcoming NACM North Central Fall Forum presentation, Communicate to Collaborate, leadership coach Julie Berg will provide easy-to-apply tips for getting others to respond positively to requests.

“Successful communication requires not only competently asking for what you need, but also confidently asking for it,” Berg said. “Know exactly what you’re asking for and the options available, and believe in it.”

Establish exactly what you are seeking and then ask for it simply and directly: “Please send me a copy of your credit application by noon tomorrow because that will give us time to process your order by the end of the month.”

“You don’t need to tell a lovely story or butter someone up,” Berg said. “Be simple and direct. If people don’t know what you’re asking them for, you’re making it easy for them to say no rather than yes.”

If your request is met with resistance, provide simple options. By nature, we all want control. Giving someone options provides them that sense of control. As with the initial request, make the options clear and brief. There should not be six options, nor should it take 10 minutes to explain each of them. Simplicity and clarity are key.

Be confident in your request. Is what you are seeking the right thing? You will project what you believe, so make sure you truly believe in what you are requesting. If you don’t believe in it, the person you are trying to get to act likely won’t believe in it either, and you’ll be met with resistance. On the other hand, if you know in your head and your heart that what you are seeking is right, you will be more confident in your request and get better results.

Learn more about how you can more competently and confidently ask for what you want and get positive results by joining Julie Berg and NACM North Central at Fall Forum on Oct. 12, 2017, in Bloomington, Minn. Register today.