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Frequent Invoice Status Requests Challenge AP Professionals

Friday, June 15, 2018  
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When asked to rank in order of frequency the most common inquiries received from vendors and internal colleagues, two questions vie for the most frequently asked, according to a survey of accounts payable professionals by InvoiceInfo. Narrowly taking the top spot is the question, “Has my invoice been paid?” This is followed closely by, “When will my invoice be paid?” These two questions led all others by a significant margin.


The majority of Accounts Payable Customer Service Survey participants have a policy in place that dictates how long the staff has to respond to an inquiry. For those organizations that have a policy, 48 percent require a response within one day and 29 percent are required to respond within two days.


Only 25 percent of participants responded that they have a vendor self-service portal. However, this is up 33 percent from last year’s survey results. The leading reasons cited for implementing an online self-service portal were to “reduce phone calls and emails” and to “handle more productive tasks.”


When asked how to maintain great relationships with AP customers, the top answer was “communicate, communicate, communicate.” Other popular answers were: Provide prompt, accurate processing; courteous service; be transparent; keep everyone informed; have self-service for 24/7 availability; always listen to what customers say and do your best to resolve the issue; respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours, treat vendors as partners and let vendors understand and then collaborate.