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Action Needed to Fight Potentially Harmful Legislation

Thursday, July 23, 2020  
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In April, NACM North Central shared a legislative update from PACE LLP about a pair of bills in Congress that would greatly impact collection efforts for NACM members across the country if the bills are passed and signed into law.

Proposed language in a Senate bill and drafted language in a Democratic COVID-19 relief bill are troubling for NACM members, and the proposed language would affect debt collection throughout the duration of the emergency declaration. Debt collection that commenced before the declaration could continue, but efforts to collect unpaid debts would be seriously curtailed.

The definition of a “debt collector,” as currently drafted, would include all NACM members. Business-to-business extension of credit is included in the collection prohibitions. Additionally, neither interest nor fees could be added to unpaid debts after the end of the COVID-19 emergency. The drafted language mandates communication in writing only and for informational purposes only.

We need your help to fight these potentially harmful provisions. Download and customize our letter template, use the following links to locate your representative and senators, and let them know you are concerned about the proposed bill.

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