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NACM’s CMI Depends on You

Thursday, August 20, 2020  
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During times of economic upheaval – like the one we’re currently experiencing – NACM’s Credit Manager’s Index is especially important, but the information is only useful if a large sample of NACM members participate. You can help by responding to the monthly CMI survey

During his Aug. 5 NACM North Central webinar about current economic conditions, Dr. Chris Kuehl highlighted the importance of participating in the CMI. This tool has become a reliable, reputable economic predictor and promotes the value the credit profession in the economy. Please heed Dr. Kuehl’s call by signing up now to receive participation reminder alerts.

Responding to the monthly survey takes only about five minutes and requires absolutely no math. The survey consists of 12 credit indicators—number of new credit applications, number of disputes, dollar amount of receivables beyond terms—each with the choices: “higher than a month ago,” “same as a month ago,” and “lower than a month ago.”

Participating in 10 surveys in a calendar year also earns CCE recertification points and raises NACM North Central’s engagement score. Most importantly, the simple act of responding can help solidify the reputation and importance of the credit profession.  Please sign up today.