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Take Your Professional Development to the Next Level

Monday, August 17, 2020  
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In today’s workplace, employees are called upon to do more with less, continually expand their skills and knowledge, and demonstrate their value to their employers. At the same time, anyone building a career needs to constantly seek opportunities for professional development. For credit professionals, the National Association of Credit Management’s certification program helps achieve these goals. 

Pursuing and achieving certification from the National Association of Credit Management helps credit professionals expand their skills and demonstrate their professionalism. Not only is participation in the program a mark of distinction throughout the profession, but it offers you a wide variety of important benefits:

  • Expanded Knowledge: By reading, studying and preparing for the exams, you’ll gain a thorough, up-to-date understanding of every aspect of credit management, including a look at future trends and strategies essential to your success.
  • Career Opportunities: Certification tells employers that you are motivated, accomplished and current in your knowledge of credit management skills. It indicates that you are actively working to maintain high standards in the field.
  • Heightened Professional Recognition: NACM’s professional designations attest to experience, knowledge, ability, accomplishment, leadership and contributions to the credit and financial fields. Designations raise the level of respect among colleagues in business credit management and between professionals in the financial community. Proudly display your designation with your name on letterhead, business cards and all forms of address.
  • Standards of Excellence: With constant changes in credit and with banking and financial services redefining the role of the credit executive, the certification program is clearly a valuable way to master professional education requirements and achieve professional excellence.

The starting point for credit professionals who wish to pursue the Credit Business Associate (CBA) designation is the Credit Administration Program (CAP). This three-course program provides participants with a solid foundation for the CBA proficiency exam.

Online classes through NACM North Central via Zoom begin in September. Learn more and register today.