Fresh Ground Networking Breakfast
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Fresh Ground Networking Breakfast
featuring Tom Gillaspy


Join Tom Gillaspy, former Minnesota state demographer, at NACM North Central’s 2020 Fresh Ground Networking Breakfast on May 14. In 2010, Tom forecasted a rapidly aging and slower growing labor force, increasing levels of retirements and increasing difficulties in filling critical positions. What did he get right, what did he get wrong and what wasn’t even on the radar screen beck then?

At this year’s Fresh Ground Networking Breakfast, Tom will review his forecasts a decade later, examine immigration trends and other factors currently affecting the work force and explore unexpected events that may have a profound impact on business activity.

This half-day event at the Sheraton Minneapolis West Hotel in Minnetonka, Minnesota, will also include an insightful roundtable discussion on today’s hottest credit topics, an update on NACM North Central initiatives and more.

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