Whistleblower Policy and Procedures
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NACM North Central and Forius Business Credit Resources encourages employees, volunteers and others related to the organization to report any violation of policy, procedure or ethics; illegal activity; or other misconduct by employees, volunteers or others related to the organization. No person who in good faith reports a violation shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employment consequence. An employee, board member or volunteer who retaliates against someone who has reported a violation in good faith is subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment. Examples of illegal or dishonest activities include but are not limited to: violations of federal, state or local laws; billing for services not performed or for goods not delivered; and other fraudulent financial reporting.


Although we always prefer that you first try to resolve any questions or concerns with someone on the NACM North Central management team, there may be times when you’re not comfortable doing that or you’re not satisfied with the outcome. That’s when you should consider using In Touch.

Reports can be made by calling the In Touch hotline toll-free from any phone to 1-877-767-7781. You will be provided with a five-digit case number that will be assigned by the automated system. It’s important that you keep track of this case number because it is the only way that NACM North Central will be able to request additional information and keep you posted on the progress of its investigation.

After you have been assigned your number, you will be asked to record a message of any length and then you may just hang up. Within one business day, the independent company providing the In Touch service will transcribe the message you left and then delete it from their system. That way, unless you elect to leave your name, your message will be completely confidential and anonymous. You may call back after five business days, enter your five-digit case number, and you will receive a message from NACM North Central regarding the status of your case.

You may choose to report concerns via email at NACMNCHotline@getintouch.com. In Touch will NOT disclose your identity or email address to the company unless you explicitly request them to do so. Your concern will be forwarded to the company, and when a management response is available In Touch will send the response to you by replying to your original email. Please note that if you use the email method you will not receive a case number, so it is important to monitor your email for a management response.

NACM North Central management is committed to providing a safe, respectful and ethical business environment. If at any time you don’t feel that’s the case, we encourage you to use In Touch and let us know. In addition, we want to assure you that there will never be any retaliation against any individual for reporting a legal or ethical concern.