Each year, NACM North Central recognizes the hard work and dedication of association members whose efforts contributed to the success of NACM North Central and the commercial credit community. They deserve recognition and appreciation for their hard work, leadership, teamwork and passion.


James A. McIntyre Mentoring Award

This award was created to recognize an individual who carries on the NACM tradition of mentoring others within the credit profession. The award is named in honor of Jim McIntyre, CCE, whose dedication and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and helping others has enriched many lives and has set the gold standard for mentoring – not only within our association, but also throughout the entire NACM organization.

  • 2020: Luana Gehring, CCE
  • 2019: Judy Perttula, CBF
  • 2018: Scott Woitas, CBF
  • 2017: JoAnn Malz, CCE, CICP, ICCE
  • 2016: Mike Thelen, CCE
  • 2015: Mary Smith, CCE
  • 2014: Steve Varner, CCE
  • 2013: Jerry Drake, CCE
  • 2012: Bill Corn, CCE
  • 2011: Barbara Condit, CCE
  • 2010: Angie Scheidnes, CCE
  • 2009: Pamela Meyer, CBF
  • 2007: Robin Kirnyczuk, CBF
  • 2006: Jeffrey Hawkins, CCE
  • 2005: Cindy Vekas, CCE
  • 2005: Duane Schwartz, CCE
  • 2005: Dwight Poss, CCE
  • 2005: Betty Melby, CCE
  • 2004: James McIntyre, CCE

Credit Executive of the Year Award

This honor is awarded annually to the outstanding Credit Executive who has contributed to the credit profession and community during the year. Established in 1986 to recognize the exceptional accomplishments of local credit executives, the award honors those who bring leadership, pride and credibility to the credit profession through their determined commitment to volunteerism, training, and financial stability of their companies.

  • 2020: Nathan Huton, CICP
  • 2019: Scott Woitas, CBF
  • 2018: Bill Corn, CCE, CICP
  • 2017: Cindy Vekas, CCE
  • 2015: Luana Gehring, CCE
  • 2014: Bill Ingham, CCE, CICP
  • 2013: Darla Tickner, CCE
  • 2012: Jeffrey Hawkins, CCE
  • 2011: Steve Martinson, CICP
  • 2010: Angie Scheidnes, CCE
  • 2009: Bob Karau
  • 2008: Jo Rettke, CCE
  • 2007: JoAnn Malz, CCE, CICP
  • 2006: Betty Melby, CCE
  • 2005: Reese Dyer, CCE
  • 2004: Jerry Drake, CCE