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Define yourself as a distinguished credit professional through the certification program. Credit professionals who complete the program demonstrate their knowledge and lay a foundation for future success and advancement.  

Value of Certification

For Professionals

  • Receive a mark of distinction from the profession
  • Gain knowledge and career opportunities
  • Learn standards of excellence that certified professionals follow

For Employers

  • Show a commitment to attracting and retaining the best and most committed talent
  • More educated staff equals better credit decisions and a better bottom line
  • Build a deep, diverse base of credit and business knowledge

Your Path to Certification

NACM exclusively offers these three important credit designations. 

Credit Business Associate (CBA) Designation

Course 1 – Business Credit Principles

Course 2 – Basic Financial Accounting

Course 3 – Financial Statement Analysis I

Complete three Credit Administration Program classes and pass an exam, and you will earn the CBA designation. Classes run from September to May. Total investment is approximately $2,500 (books, fees, registration)


Credit Business Fellow (CBF) Designation

Course 1 – Business Law

Course 2 – Credit Law

Complete two Advanced Credit Administration Program classes, accumulate 75 NACM Career Roadmap points, and pass an exam to earn the CBF designation. Classes run from January to May.

Total investment is approximately $1,700 (books, fees, registration). 


Certified Credit Executive (CCE) Designation

This is NACM’s highest designation that endorses achievers as capable of managing the credit function at an executive level. Once you have 125 NACM Career Roadmap points and pass the Certified Credit Executive exam, you will earn this designation. Total investment is approximately $400 (registration only).

Listed prices apply to NACM North Central members and are subject to change. Signup for classes occurs between June and August. For more information, email NACM North Central at training@nacmnc.com or call (763) 253-4300.