NACM North Central Membership
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Commercial Credit Professionals

Corporate and Regional Memberships

NACM North Central is the organization that commercial credit professionals join to help them drive results. As an NACM North Central member, you receive exclusive access to resources that will help you do your job more effectively and efficiently, advance your career and add more value to your current organization. These include:

  • Professional development and networking at member-discounted rates – Acquire and sharpen skills, and network with other professionals through exceptional events and webinars
  • Online community forums – Engage with other members in a welcoming and secure fashion to share information, and receive answers to questions 
  • Resource libraries – Tap into the most current information from the profession, with thousands of textbooks, publications, and articles
  • Industry credit groups – Interact with other professionals in similar roles and discuss industry-related issues, best practices, common customers and more
  • Specialty networking groups – Discuss the challenges and best practices that are unique to particular credit environments, technology platforms and your experience within the credit profession 
  • Career center – Research the latest opportunities for your career development, or post a free listing about an opening with your organization
  • Essential information – Stay up to date on the latest news, issues and trends in the credit world and what is being done by NACM and other organizations to advocate for the profession 

Membership dues
Corporate Membership – $525 per year (company is in the nine-county Twin Cities Metro area)
Regional Membership – $310 per year (company is outside of the nine-county Twin Cities Metro area)

Need help getting budget approval to join? Download our Membership Toolkit, containing tips and information to discuss the benefits of membership with your supervisor. 

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Industry Credit Group Membership

At NACM North Central, we believe there is no substitute for meeting with and learning from your peers. We offer several industry credit groups where members come together and discuss industry-related issues, best practices, common customers and more. As a member of an NACM North Central industry credit group, you will:

  • Obtain information about your customers that you won’t find on a credit report
  • Receive instant alerts regarding critical customer changes
  • Approve credit orders faster 
  • Exchange helpful ways to manage and work with high-risk customers
  • Monitor your ever-changing portfolio
  • Learn the latest techniques for managing credit processes
  • Grow your network and develop invaluable relationships within your industry

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Specialty Group Membership

At NACM North Central, we believe there is no substitute for meeting with and learning from your peers. Our specialty groups bring together members to discuss common issues, best practices and more. As a member of an NACM North Central specialty group, you will:

  • Discover best practices
  • Grow your network and develop invaluable relationships
  • Learn tips and tricks to work more efficiently and effectively

Specialty groups include:

Shared Services Group
Breaking down communication and resource barriers in a shared service environment can be difficult. The Shared Services Group is the premier group designed exclusively to help you break down those barriers and work toward enhancing customer relationship management.

EPIC: Emerging Professionals in Credit
EPIC helps commercial credit professionals with three to six years of experience expand their networks, skills and knowledge to develop and advance their careers.

GETPAID User Group
This group brings together GETPAID module users to share their experiences and best practices. Participants exchange tips and tricks to overcome challenges and fully harness the power of GETPAID.

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Twin Cities Credit and Financial Development Division (CFDD) Membership

CFDD's vision is to be a leading provider of professional development opportunities through learning, coaching, networking and individual enrichment. CFDD and NACM engage our members in local educational and networking events, providing a support system for credit and finance professionals. You will meet and get to know some of the most valuable resources in the industry: other credit people like you. For more information, contact Steve Varner at or Toni Nuernberg at (763) 253-4314 or, or apply today


Suppliers and Vendors 

Allied Membership

If your organization offers products or services that can help NACM North Central members make smarter, more profitable credit decisions and drive results, we invite you to take advantage of allied membership! NACM North Central allied members receive:

  • Visibility – More than 440 companies who extend commercial credit will learn about your company name, information and expertise. It’s a direct connection to excellent sources of potential business.
  • Networking – Tap into our unparalleled network and leverage your unique skills and expertise to build and maintain the relationships you need to be successful.
  • Preferred Pricing – With three membership levels at preferred rates, it’s easy to get started and show a quick and significant return on investment.

Membership dues
Six-month Allied Trial Membership – $1,000 for six months (later can be applied toward standard or platinum allied membership fees)
Standard Allied Membership – $2,500 per year
Platinum Allied Membership – $5,000 per year

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