Specialty Groups
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At NACM North Central, we believe there is no substitute for meeting with and learning from your peers. Our specialty groups bring together members to discuss common issues, best practices and more. 

As a member of an NACM North Central specialty group, you will:

  • Discovery best practices
  • Grow your network and develop invaluable relationships
  • Learn tips and tricks to work more efficiently and effectively

NACM North Central specialty groups include:


Shared Services Group

Breaking down communication and resource barriers in a shared service environment can be difficult. The Shared Services Group is the premier group designed excusively to help you break down those barriers and work toward enhancing customer relationship management.


EPIC: Emerging Professionals in Credit

EPIC helps commercial credit professionals with three to six years of experience expand their networks, skills and knowledge to develop and advance their careers.


GETPAID User Group

This group brings together GETPAID module users to share their experiences and best practices. Participants exchange tips and tricks to overcome challenges and fully harness the power of GETPAID.


International Credit

Doing business internationally brings with it a unique set of challenges. NACM North Central International events help credit managers with a global portfolio track worldwide trends and reduce risk.


To learn more about any of these Specialty Groups, contact NACM North Central at association@nacmnc.com or (763) 253-4300.